The 50 Greatest Female Characters in Video Game History

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Cate Archer, No One Lives Forever 1 And 2

She's pretty much the definition of a problem child, having been orphaned as a young teenager. But Cate Archer rose from being a juvenile delinquent and an extremely efficient thief to an operative in the anti-terrorism agency UNITY. As a delightfully retro 1960s British agent, Archer is the female equivalent of James Bond. She's irresistibly sexy, stubbornly headstrong and proficient with all sorts of Bond-like gadgets.
Pros: Cate has a wit and style that both male and female gamers can appreciate. And she has beautiful long legs.
Cons: She's a borderline kleptomaniac, and she can be a bit reckless at times.
Should be Played By: Kate Beckinsale, who shouldn't have any trouble playing a suave and seductive British agent.

The loveable British agent Cate Archer of No One Lives Forever 1 and 2

The loveable British agent Cate Archer of No One Lives Forever 1 and 2
Sarah Kerrigan, StarCraft And StarCraft: Brood War

Sarah Kerrigan was born a very gifted human with psychic powers who is trained to become a ruthless Terran Ghost warrior. Unfortunately, she is betrayed by Terran rebel leader Arcturus Mengsk and left for dead during a battle with the Zerg, an enemy alien race. Instead of killing her, they harness her psychic powers and turn her into a Zerg warrior, also known as Queen of Blades. Kerrigan is without a doubt one of the most fascinatingly complex and memorable characters of all time.
Pros: She's got unbelievable psionic abilities and probably the most powerful woman in the universe.
Cons: She's got a crazy Medusa-like hairdo with scary skeletal wings. Plus, she's the self-described "queen bitch of the universe."
Should be Played By: A tough call, but I'm going with "Casino Royale's" Eva Green, who can pull off sexy, sinister and sympathetic all at once.

The unforgettable Sarah Kerrigan of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

The unforgettable Sarah Kerrigan of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.
Victoria, Tribes: Vengeance

A forbidden love story as the plot to a sci-fi first-person shooter? Yes indeed. Victoria is one of the central characters in the most recent instalment of the Tribes series. She's a princess who's abducted by a Phoenix leader from a rival planet named Daniel, but she ends up falling in love with him. They have a child together, named Julia (see next entry below), but political infighting and war between their worlds eventually tears them apart and leads to tragedy.
Pros: Victoria is part of the royal family and soon to be queen, and she's got combat skills and a sinful body.
Cons: She can be a spoiled, whiny brat, plus she pulls a Black Widow on her husband.
Should be Played By: Jennifer Connelly, who's old enough to play a mom but still completely hot enough to play a warrior princess.

Victoria, the ill-fated princess of Tribes:Vengeance.

Victoria, the ill-fated princess of Tribes:Vengeance.
Julia, Tribes: Vengeance

Julia is the "bastard child" of Princess Victoria and the Phoenix sub-clan leader Daniel. After tragedy strikes her family, she's oscillates between a political extremist and a deadly Phoenix warrior with bionic yellow eyes bent on revenge (hence the game's title). Throughout the game, she evolves and matures and eventually comes to learn the truth about the bloody clash between the tribes and discovers the true history of her family.
Pros: She's gritty, determined and headstrong, not to mention sexy.
Cons: She's pretty much consumed with family conflicts, Tribal warring and her parents' deaths. And the yellow eyes are freaky.
Should be Played By: Elisha Cuthbert, because she'd look good, even with freaky yellow eyes.

Julia and her weird yellow eyes in Tribes:Vengeance

Julia and her weird yellow eyes in Tribes:Vengeance

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