Thursday, 31 Jul 2008
What is "The next Super Smash Bros."?
Last edited on: Thursday, 31 Jul 2008
Every Super Smash Bros. fan has been fantasizing about their own Super Smash Bros. game, about the new elements in the game, or the new characters that might be in, or even the stages and music.

This page is dedicated to creating ideas for a next Super Smash Bros. game, using various resources, like renders or sketches, to show the vision of how the next Super Smash Bros. game could be. It takes ideas from various sources over the internet, and tries to make an as good as possible representation.

It will be an ongoing project, even when a new Super Smash Bros. gets announced or released. There will be a lot of ideas on this page, so who knows, maybe we will see stuff happening in the the next Super Smash Bros.

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