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Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Newcomer

One of the most popular games series from Nintendo is Super Smash Bros. Now, its Wii version, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, already brings a hype. Will it live up to its predecessors? I don't know, but you can still have lots of fun with the game, even before it came out!

This is the special Newcomers page. It contains every "Newcomer" picture that is made. They can also be seen in the normal Super Smash Bros. Brawl page.

If you want to create your own "Newcomer" image, you can use the following templates:

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I also have a wishlist. If you have the particular picture in good quality, send it to me, and I'll credit you for it. You don't have to make a newcomer picture, just send me the picture of the requested character.

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Time created: May 13th 2006

Newcomer: Paper Mario
After Mario and Dr. Mario, what else did you expect?
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: June 3rd 2007

Newcomer: Princess Daisy
Oh, come on. Don't tell me you didn't expect this one.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: November 6th 2006

Newcomer: Goron
Don't mind the quality, this was just a test of 3D model ripping and rendering.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: October 20th 2007

Newcomer: Goron
The better version, streight from Twilight Princess.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: May 15th 2006

Newcomer: Krystal
Yes, Nintendo went anthromorph.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: July 11th 2006

Newcomer: Krystal
Alternate version of Krystal.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: November 10th 2006

Newcomer: King Dedede
A very likely candidate for Brawl, and it would also complete the Kirby trinity.
Confirmed: Playable Character
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: December 19th 2006

Newcomer: Ridley
Samus' long-time enemy.
Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: January 4th 2007

Newcomer: Dark Samus
Make sure you don't get corrupted.
Artist: GaryCXJk (background image created by Skrypnyk, look on for "Phazon")
Time created: January 5th 2007

Newcomer: Trace
One of the six hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters. Yeah, this description is just a copy pasta of the other hunters descriptions. Bite me.
Artist: GaryCXJk
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