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Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Newcomers

This is the wishlist for the newcomer pages. Please read well before sending me your picture, since I do have some requirements for the pictures. PM me on any of the forums I'm active in, or e-mail me.


1. Mona (Wario Ware series)

Mona from the Wario Ware series, in 3D.
Best places to search for:
She's seen in 3D in probably the intro sequence of Wario Ware Inc. Mega Party Game$. If you could get a hold of the intro in good quality it's good enough for me.


2. Deoxys

I still need Speed and Attack form in 3D.
Best places to search for:
It appears that each form has been featured as a promo or very rare card for the Ex series of the trading card game. If anyone could scan them for me in a high quality without much loss of detail, please do.


3. Megaman

Preferably the classic Megaman, like he appeared in Marvel vs Capcom. 3D rendered only.
Best places to search for:
It is best to create him from scratch in a 3D modeling program, however, it must look official. Try to retain his original shapes.