The 50 Greatest Female Characters in Video Game History

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Princess Peach, Mario Series And More

Originally known as Princess Toadstool, Peach is another classic Nintendo icon that has evolved over the years and numerous game appearances. She's the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the sometime love interest of Mario. Since debuting in Super Mario Bros. 2, she's appeared in literally dozens of Nintendo titles. Whether it's racing a Mario Kart, shooting hoops or brawling with other popular Nintendo characters, Princess Peach can pretty much do it all.
Pros: Princess Peach is multi-talented, hard-working, athletic and gorgeous.
Cons: She's a bit of a spotlight hog, and has been criticized for shedding her good girl image for a sexier persona.
Should Be Played By: Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes," who's got the right look to be the Peach.

The ever-charming Peach

The ever-charming Peach

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