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Things That Go BONK in the Night

TV Puppet Pals! TV Puppet Pals! Lots of fun for guys and gals!

Ah, Cartoon Network. Home of the most wonderful creations, such as the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and... Team Fortress 2?

This category actually has two kinds of images, those inspired by Team Fortress 2 and those where puppet pal Mitch and puppet pal Clem are in some kind of situation that's out of their own universe.

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Time created: September 17th 2009

TV Puppet Pals × Team Fortress 2

Admit it, the moment you saw one before the other, you immediately thought this.

Mitch: Hey, puppet pal Clem!
Clem: Hey, puppet pal Mitch!
Mitch: What do you get when you craft a Batter's Helmet with two cans of Bonk! Atomic Punch?
Clem: A bonk on the head?
Mitch: That is correct. *BONK!*

Artist: GaryCXJk
Time created: November 15th 2010

Things That Go BONK in the Night At The Inventory

"Hey guys, I've got a great idea! Instead of using four iconic characters from the web, we could use them TV Puppet Pals and puppet versions of the Justice Friends! It's just like that episode 'Things That Go BONK in the Night', but now at The Inventory!"

Mitch: Hey, puppet pal Clem! I have a little joke.
Clem: Go on an' tell it.
Mitch: What do you call a poker game with Tycho Brahe?
Clem: I do not know Mitch, what do you call a poker game with Tycho Brahe?
Mitch: BONKers!

Artist: GaryCXJk
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