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Time created: November 11th 2007

Starfoxtrot (Wii)

The Starfox series are heavily outdated. They need to come up with a new concept. Nobody is willing to chase after flying vehicles and shoot them down, or be shot down. We've seen that all before, and we need something new.

Enter Starfoxtrot, a dancing game that makes use of the Wii controls. There are eight dancers at your disposal, four men, for women. You will need to partner up a male with a female. Certain combinations give you a bonus, but each dancer has his / her own skills.

You can play with Fox McCloud, Krystal, Falco Lombardi, Katt Monroe, Slippy Toad, Amanda, Peppy Hare and Lucy Hare. There are also four additional unlockables.

Artist: GaryCXJk